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artifacts (n.)
SynonymsInstinct Shards
Applies tosystems, headmates, system functions
CoinerThe Etheridge Collective

Artifacts are fragments or pieces leftover from a system member that used to be part of the system, only in this case, fragments, pieces, shards in context do not refer to headmates with limited roles or otherwise limited sentience that hold memories. Rather, Artifacts are memories, feelings, and even personality traits given form, mostly as an object.

For example, if a bookworm or an artist that was a big influence, or otherwise had taken part in the system at one time, and then leaves it (walks out, becomes a demi-member, etc.), they may or may not leave behind an Artifact in the form of a book or a paintbrush.

Artifacts differ heavily from Fragments as there are key differences:

  • Artifacts lack sentience whatsoever, while Fragments are considered sentient headmates with or without discernable roles, albeit limited.
  • Fragments hold memories and behaviors. Artifacts are memories and behaviors themselves.
  • Artifacts can be stored for safe keeping, they can be given as gifts among other system members particularly if they are positive in nature, or they can be further developed by an Artisan into a sentient headmate. In contrast, Fragments are sentient headmates and are to be treated as people.
  • Some Artifacts may have a use. If it's a book, it can hold information about the headmate who left it behind, for example.

In summary, Artifacts are usually hobbies, interests, a set of behaviors, part of a mindset, or a memory (or part of it) given a solid, object form. It can be compared to someone moving out of a house and leaving behind something as personally historical as a journal, or a small thing that was forgotten (like a pillow).

Although Artifacts can also be referred to as shards, they are not to be confused for Godshards or Dream Shards.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

An Archaeologist is a system member whose role is to find Artifacts. This role is related to that of the Dream Seeker, only the latter role is reserved for system members who comb through dreams to find new members to welcome into the system, while an Archaeologist focuses more on finding the non-sentient aspects of a previous member, whether or not they're located in a dream.