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aspectral (adj.)
Other formsaspectral / perispectral / peritien system
Synonymsperitien, perispectral
Applies tosystems, headmates, system functions
CoinerThe Nathyl Diviplex

An aspectral system, sisasystem, member or other plural grouping is one who considers themselves outside of the singlet-median-multiple spectrum. This term is purposefully vague and intended to be usable as an umbrella for already existing terms, as well as stand on its own.

This term may also be used to indicate a complete rejection of the concept of the median to multiple distinction.[1]

The term is derived from "spectral" meaning "on a spectrum", referring to the singlet-median-multiple spectrum. Perispectral is a synonym using peri- as a prefix meaning "around", rather than the a- prefix. Since "spectral" carries some spiritual annotations, Peritien was coined as a synonym for systems wishing to avoid those annotations.

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Aspectral groupings may share experiences with mediple groupings, but don't feel positioned between or simultaneously median and multiple, but rather independent from this spectrum.

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