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asterflux (adj.)
Applies tosystems
CoinerSystem 66 and Wyatt Ro'Meave | Green Mesa Aster, O'Khasis Civilization Asterplex

Asterflux is a descriptor label for sidesystems or headspaces that change from being asters/backspaces to not being such, and may change frequently or cyclically, but do not have to.

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Related Terms[edit | edit source]

  • A backspace is a headspace that is distant from the front, or any fronts that may exist in the system, and may be tangentially connected at most.
  • An aster, or backsystem is a term for any sidesystem or sidesystem-equivalent group that exists primarily or fully in backspace, or as backspaces/astrons.
  • Astergenic is an origin term for asters and other backspaces, that have or feel like they have existed in parallel to the more front-facing parts of a system from before they were discovered.
  • Asterplex is a term for any collection of asters, or larger units of backspaces.
  • Asterspace is a term for any cohesive intercommunicative group of backspaces, asters, and/or asterplexes, which may have a shared narrative or history, despite not forming any singular unit.
  • Astron is a term for any world that is a backspace.
  • Protoaster is an origin term for asters or backspaces that have existed or feel they have existed since the inception of the system, or throughout the life of the body before the system formed. This does not have to be a literal belief, and can be based on exomemories as well.