Atrium System

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atrium system (n.)
A flag which is an altered horizontal 6 stripe design. The first stripe (moving from left-to-right and top-to-bottom) is chartreuse, the stripe makes a 90 degree turn at the center of the flag to become vertical. The chartreuse stripe is crossed by a pine green stripe that runs horizontally across the center of the flag. The next stripe is pale brown, it follows the same path as the chartreuse stripe and is also crossed by the pine green stripe. The third stripe is grey-brown and follows the same path as the previous 2 except it overlaps the pine stripe. Underneath the pine stripe there is a leaf green L shape which encompasses a res rectangle. The same design is mirrored vertically and horizontally on the other side of the flag
Synonymscomb system
Applies tosystems, system functions
CoinerLogarithmic Lot

An atrium system (or comb system) is one with limited memory sharing. There is a separate reservoir of fronting memory that only contains memories made in front and is accessible while fronting. These memories may be detailed or spotty, and may be managed by an archival fragment.

Atrium systems may have front blocks in place at all times, making a headmate have only access to fronting memory while in front.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Atrium systems can be considered amnesic as well as having atrial or combed memory management.

If some personal memory can be recalled while fronting, but it is incomplete or remains implicit, this may be considered isolated lore or implicit lore.

Hydraconscious and cephaconscious systems have consciousness organised in a similar concept.

The headspace of an atrium system may be considered Zalivisum.