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auxbond (n.)
Applies tosourced headmates
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Auxbond is a term similar to fucktive/fogtive and under the umbrella term anaspect. It is similar to anaspect in the sense that it is a more specific term for soulbond, gateway, spiritual, and non-medical systems to explain their introjection better without using the term. It is meant to be a blended term of Charabond and Factbond, but can also just be used as a standalone headmate modifier.

Auxbond comes from the words Auxillary meaning other/additional, and Soulbond, as this is a spiritual term.

Auxbond can be used for spiritual/non-medical headmates who see their introjection as a mix of from a factual and fictional source, while also not being 'sourced' at all due to being spiritual.

History[edit | edit source]

This term was coined to be exclusive to spiritual/non-medical systems.