AvPD System

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avpd system (n.)
Other formsavoidagenic (adj.), avoidabased (adj.)
Applies tosystems
CoinerJune, Magpie, and Kaoru of the Pink Lemonade System

An AvPD System is a system created, affected, or influenced by Avoidant Personality Disorder. If it is specifically an origin, the term avoidagenic may also be used.[1]

Being an AvPD system can mean many things; examples could be:

  • A system that forms members out of a desire for social interaction that they cannot get from others in the shared reality due to a fear of rejection.
  • A system with factives of people they like but cannot bring themselves to approach.
  • A system with members who prefer to spend time in headspace due to the lack of possibilities for judgement.
  • Systems who frequently split in social situations because of their anxiety and insecurities.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

The -based equivalent is AvPDbased.

This is a specific type of PD System.

AvPD systems may sometimes be isolgenic or solumgenic, if they formed from loneliness or isolation. They may also be traumagenic, as certain types of trauma are a risk factor for AvPD.