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bondsystem (n.)
Other formsbondsys, nested bondsystem, nestbond, nestbondsys
Applies tosystems, system functions
CoinerA Shattered Dragon's Spirit

Not to be confused with Bonded System.

A bondsystem (alt. boundsystem) refers to a pre-existing system belonging to a spiribond/soulbond, walk-in, or any similar non-traumagenic, non-tulpa sysmate originating from another reality, whose own system came with them and joined the body or bodily system they are bound to.

A bondsys was formed through the sysmate's individual experiences in their own life, containing bondmates of any origin, and may continue to grow in response to new events. For example, if the bondsys is traumagenic and is exposed to more trauma after being brought to the body, it may split more bondmates within it to cope with the new trauma.

To outsiders, this bondsystem appears to look like a subsystem, being a system within a system. It may also look like a nested subsystem, in which case it may be called a nested bondsystem (alt. nestbond or nestbondsys). However, the bondsys and its functions operate independently from the system it's bound to, and the term 'bondsys' is a replacement to these original subsys terms to avoid being associated with the body's system and functions.

History[edit | edit source]

This term was coined by the host of A Shattered Dragon's Spirit on the 26th of June, 2023, after no longer wanting to use the term 'subsystem'. He felt that it reduced his experiences of having a large bondsystem to being just a subset of a system structure that his alters didn't belong to, and wanted to reclaim his bondsystem's individuality.

Exclusivity[edit | edit source]

Due to this term requiring its users to experience a life somewhere in an outerworld before joining a system, it is exclusive to endogenic/cosmagenic/mixed origin bodily systems. However, the bondsystems themselves that use the term can be of any origin.

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