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catharigenic (n., adj.)
Other formsCatarigenic
Applies tosystems, headmates

A catharigenic system is one whose origin is caused by the natural/unintentional creation of new members.[1]

This is meant to be an option for willogenic systems, willowers, thoughtforms, and other plural folks who were unintentionally created, but still fall under “Created” in some way. Catarigenic is meant to be a parallel to willogenic, and can go together with it at times. Similarly, catarigenic has no connection to tulpamancy.

History[edit | edit source]

The flag's design was inspired largely by the willogenic flag, with colors representing different emotions and feelings that may cause the development of members. Catharigenic members may be called catharis/cataris, cathormas, or simply catharigenic members.

The term is taken from the word catharsis; the dispelling of emotions, which causes purification, healing, or restoration. It represents the dispelling of thoughts and emotions that may cause new members.

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