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circutien (n., adj.)
Applies tosystems, system functions

A circutien system is one that goes through regular cycles of gaining and losing members, be it through fusion, dormancy, fading, walk-outs, or any other means.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

These cycles may be categorized as periods of bloom and collapse, or as phases of hibernation.

Kryotien systems experience at least one of these cycles.

Cyclogenic systems regularly "reshuffle" their members.

Cryogenic systems seem to come "out of nowhere", for example after a collapse, or as a result of seasonal changes.

Horaetien systems go through seasonal activity changes that may be connected to circutien cycles.

Rotatien system regularly collapse all the way to empty systems before resplitting, while tidegenic systems retain some members during phases of collapse.

Bombotien systems experience episodes of rapid growth, while synthetien system experiences regular episodes of fusion.