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cocooning (v.)
Other formscocooned (v.)
Applies toheadmates

Cocooning is the process of a headmate creating another one as a form of protection to take over their functions until they can recover after heavy trauma or stress.

This places the headmate in a sort of semi-dormant state. They still have some awareness of what is going on while the cocoonic is in control of the body and the actions of the headmate cocooning can affect the cocoonic. This is similar to how poking a thick blanket can cause a small change on the outside. This action of affecting the cocoonic can cause them pain but it can be a good sign of the cocooning mate might be starting to feel more able to work with the outside world and could be closer to come out as the 'poking' happens more often.

A side affect of this semi-awareness means when the cocoon has finally opened and the headmate comes out, aspects of the cocoonic might stay with them like picking up traits someone one looks up to for extra strength and support. The longer the cocoon stays or the more stressful the situation the more likely this could occur as a sort of side affect.

For the cocoon to open the headmate who made it will at least feel safe and calm enough to attempt facing the world again but at best is more stable and mentally stronger than when they made it. This process of opening can kill the cocoonic mate or place them in dormancy.

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History[edit | edit source]

Term was coined by Tanshin of TsukihiTatsu to explain the experiences that were being gone through.

Because of the context of what this means, if any questions or anything comes up after Tanshin 'goes', please direct them to, specifically, Reveraris of the system if necessary.