Cohesive Conjunction

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cohesive conjunction (n.)
Applies tosystems, system functions

A cohesive conjunction is the process of producing a more adhesive variation of a singletsona. This can appear in various forms (this is not an exhaustive list and system may experience this in their own ways); [1], becoming blurred to the point of not recognizing who is fronting while also having the awareness of who is around (almost as if being in a bubble, while having the consciousness of being the bubble [therefore, knowing all who is within the bubble; dual consciousness] ); [2], the awareness of the dissociation of the current present self, while also knowing the presences of other members (while also lacking awareness of who [specifically] they are.

           A cohesive conjunction can also be seen as a temporary concept of final fusion; since final fusion is a more permanent solution, a cohesive conjunction may be used to remedy a myriad of difficulties one may see present in situations where headmates are less reluctant to be present (mainly ones that require a single identity to handle tasks, while also being tangible enough to access other headmates to get other tasks done).