Communication Barriers

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communication barriers (n.)
Applies tosystem functions
OriginPsychiatric term

Communication barriers are barriers in a system that block thoughts, emotions, conversation or any other method of in-system communication between headmates.

Communication barriers may be total, preventing the members from being aware of each other or they may be partial, and only affect certain aspects of communication. They may be system wide, or affect only specific members or types of communication and they may be transient, in that they change over time.

Communication barriers can often be a large obstacle to system harmony as not being able to communicate with one another can be very stressful, and although they are often associated with traumagenic DID systems, they are not exclusive to this group and may be experienced by any system.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Communication ability refers to how systems manage communication between headmates.

Amnesic barriers are another type of barrier that can hinder in-system communication.

Integration often involves lowering barriers between headmates, allowing for easier communication.