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queerphogenic (adj.)
Applies tosystems, headmates

Queerphogenic is an origin for (sisa)systems/headmates caused by queerphobia.

Subterms[edit | edit source]

Term Queerphobia Term (Coiner)
Altsexigenic altersexism
Amatogenic amatonormativity
Aphogenic aphobia
Comphetgenic compulsory heterosexuality
Enbyphogenic enbyphobia
Exorigenic exorsexism
GNCphogenic GNCphobia
Homophogenic homophobia Crow System, Kawaii-Sama Collective
Intequeergenic internalized queerphobia
Intsexigenic intersexism
Lesbiphogenic lesbiphobia
Mulphogenic multiphobia
NNCphogenic NNCphobia
PNCphogenic PNCphobia
Polamphogenic polyamphobia
SAMphogenic SAMphobia
Teriphogenic tertiaryphobia
Thronorgenic / Anthronogenic / Thronogenic anthronormativity
Transmisagenic transmisandry
Transmisogenic transmisogyny
Transneuphogenic transneutral transphobia
Transphogenic transphobia
Xeniphogenic xenicphobia

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

This umbrella may be connected to the queergenic umbrella.

History[edit | edit source]

The term and subterms (unless otherwise specified) were coined by Pluralpedia user Wrmsys on xyr Tumblr on August 27, 2023.[1]

References[edit | edit source]