Contingency Plan

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contingency plan (n.)
Synonyms"Plan B"
Applies tosystems

A contingency plan is a plan designed to be referred to in the occurrence of a hypothetical future event, most typically in this context being the formation of a new headmate, or the return of a known headmate from dormancy after a long time. The aim of such a plan is to acclimate such headmates to the system's current circumstances and possibly "tide them over" until another member can come to assist.

Such a plan may include any information the system thinks to be important, such as:

  • an explanation of plurality and a system overview
  • instructions on how to leave front and navigate the headspace
  • communication tips or front triggers for other headmates
  • a guide to the body and collective life, such as living situation, profession, chores, medical data, finances, etc.
  • further resources such as trusted friends or places to ask for further help

Depending on internal communication and experience of how long "new" headmates are usually on their own and how they usually manage, the plan may vary in detail and contents. Systems with reliably good internal communication, frequently co-conscious members, short switch times, or fitting switch management, may only need rudimentary contingency plans.

A system may develop this plan for themselves, for example in the form of notes left in easy to find places, or to be referenced by a co-conscious guide in order to assist an unaware headmate. It may otherwise be presented to loved ones whom the system can trust to guide new members who many find themselves fronting alone for the first time, or the first time in a while.

A contingency plan may also include internal measures, such as welcoming new members and getting them settled internally.