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cosmagenic (adj.)
A dark and pale blue flag with nine main stripes, a thin white stripe in the middle, and a large white circle in the center.
Applies tosystems, headmates
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Cosmagenic refers to systems who have headmates who originated from other planes of existence, universes, timelines, realms, and etc. this can be both traumagenic and endogenic in origin as headmates could appear for various reasons (ex: stress, a call for help, wanting to shift realities, and etc.)

Cosmagenic can also mean a system formed by means of reality shifting/hopping, and bringing back people from those realities with you who then become headmates.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Walk-in can mean a headmate who comes from another timeline.

Pariogenic is an origin referring to having come from another timeline.

Gateway Systems may consider themselves to have headmates from other timelines.