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costem (n.)
Applies tosystems
CoinerSelenay Zenerineskja of Ëa (Moonlight Atlantis)

A costem, or cosplex (n.), is a collective of cosmien realms a person has. Generally a costem refers to a smaller grouping than a cosplex, but they are freely interchangeable. A given person may have one or multiple costems/cosplexes attached to/within them, and these may be separated based on modality of identity, or may coexist in one modality, being defined by function, barriers, vibes, or arbitrarily.

Costems are not inherently subsystems of the person who has those cosmien realms, or even sisasystems in the conventional sense, though they can be if the person in question finds those labels to fit.

Hierarchy[edit | edit source]

One hierarchy of cosplexes and costems is as follows, based on the sisasystem hierarchy.