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costemic (adj.)
Synonymscosplexic (adj.), costemian (adj.), cosplexian (adj.)
Applies tomedian systems, system functions
CoinerThe Sunsnow Subsystem of the Pink Lemonade System

A costemic (alternatively cosplexic, costemian, or cosplexian) subsystem is a type of ringed subsystem where the core/main identity is a costem/cosplex (a collection of cosmien realms) or a costem/cosplex cluster (a grouping of costems/cosplexes).[1]

As the term only describes the core of a subsystem, it can be freely combined with other subtypes of ringed subsystems (e.g. a costemic chiron subsystem, a costemic spherical subsystem, etc.). However, if (one of) the subsystem's costem(s)/cosplex(es) holds a certain form/modality of an identity (such as genders or kintypes), it is unlikely that the orbiting differences or facets will hold the same thing (e.g., a costemic subsystem with a cosmigien core is usually not a haumea/torsional subsystem, since their genders are already held elsewhere).

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