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cringegenic (adj.)
Cringegenic Flag.png
Applies tosystems, headmates
CoinerNinya from The Synthwave Set

Cringegenic is a xeno-origin for headmates or systems who feel their origin were either created or influenced by cringe culture.[1]

Some examples may include being bullied for being cringe, an aesthetive of cringecore or related aesthetics, a fictive of a cringe OC, a trauma holder of cringe culture, and anyone else who feels it fits their identity.

History[edit | edit source]

The first black stripe represents being dark and edgy in a way that is considered cringe.

The pink stripe represents how femininity, hyperactivity, and things that make people genuinely happy are often targeted by cringe culture.

The green stripe represents toxicity around cringe culture alongside how being cringe is perfectly natural.

The pink and green lines together also represent how cringe culture is contradictory because it's made to supposedly help people by bullying them, despite this often causing anxiety as well as double expectations. Pink and green are also a staple of cringecore.

The final black line represents how cringe culture is evil and the effects of it have hurt multiple people.

It was coined 6th of February 2022 on Tumblr.

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