DNI Holder

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dni holder (n.)
Applies toheadmates

A DNI Holder is a form of gatekeeper and protector, and the term is often a niche, personal choice for use.

These headmates, also called DNI-H, Do Not Interact Holders, and really anything else you want to call them, front to prevent headmates from fronting, from interacting with other headmates, from engaging in harmful behaviors, or anything else the headmate in question decides needs to be prevented.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

DNI Holders might front alongside rehabilitators and impeters in order to monitor behaviors and to act on standby in case they are needed. Depending on the system in question, a DNI Holder might always be kept in or near front due to their constant need, or simply by choice.

DNI Holders might also be any type of protector, as well as a soother, janusian, rehabilitator, jailer, disciplinarian, or any other role deemed necessary in order to best perform their duties as a DNI Holder.