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daimonmotum (adj.)
Applies toheadspaces, system functions
CoinerLogarithmic Lot

A daimonmotum headspace, layer, or sector functions symbolically and may only be able to be manipulated by headmates with the corresponding abilites. Any change that is made to the headspace will affect the underlying functions.

For example, a wall built between sectors may separate them from each other completely, and breaking that wall down will enable internal communication or travel between the sectors. All barriers may appear as a kind of wall or other representation.

Since any changes made to such an area of a headspace will affect the related underlying functions, a daimonmotum area may not react or change when influenced by every headmate, and changes made to it may have to be made in a symbolically visual manner.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

This term uses the daimon- and -motum affixes.

A daimonmotum headspace may also be etherspatial or narravisum.