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davegenic (adj.)
Synonymsadhdgenic, vastgenic (HerbPhoenix), dopagenic (Sea Seekers), adopagenic (Sea Seekers)
Applies tosystems, headmates
CoinerSea Seekers

Davegenic is an origin coming from having ADHD. It’s a neurogenic sublabel that applies to ADHD, as an analogue to autigenic for autism and schizogenic for schizophrenia.

This does not mean that a system is formed solely from having ADHD, but that ADHD might be an important or contributing factor. A Symptom Holder concerning ADHD may be considered davegenic.

History[edit | edit source]

The humorous acronym DAVE (Dopamine Attention Variability Executive-Dysfunction) stems from a tiktok video[1] and is used for phonetic ease in place of adhdgenic.

VAST (Variable Attention Stimulus Trait) is another acronym to describe ADHD.

Dopagenic and adopagenic reference the theory that ADHD may be caused by a dopamine deficiency.

References[edit | edit source]