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dazefluxspace (n.)
Synonymsdazespace, dazeyspace, fluxspace
Applies toheadspaces, system functions
OriginCombined the words "dazed" and "fluctuating"

A dazefluxspace is a headspace or layer that is fluctuating, and is often hard to visualize, but depending on the headmate it can be easy. However when a headmate fronts, they can forget everything they saw or did internaly, and can even forget what it looks like and leave them feeling very dazed and groggy depending on their mood/mental state. The layer will shift and be very fluid, and change based on moods of the headmates in it.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

The memory separation to front may be caused by front blocks, as in atrium systems.

This term uses the -flux affix.