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dear (n., adj.)
Dear flag: a deer leaps in the center of a pale cream circle, with auburn and ginger stripes around it.
Dear flag.
Applies toheadmates
CoinerThe Felight system

A dear (deer)[1] is a headmate, perhaps cherished by their system, whose role is to provide love, affection, support, and companionship to their headmates. A dear may comfort or relax their system through their presence , demeanor, and actions, and serve as a confidant, as they are entrusted to treat their headmates with compassion. They are devoted to their system, always striving to be present and available to help them through life in a caring, amicable way.

Term Origin[edit | edit source]

"Dear" is defined as "a person who is good, kind, or generous; a beloved one."[2]

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

A dear can be thought of as a form of caretaker, however a dear focuses on the wider system rather than select headmates or groups of headmates, and they may or may not front, as they are dedicated to helping internally and may not participate in external or bodily maintenance unless to help or encourage others to fulfill their own duties. Overall, while a caretaker may be a parental figure, steward, manager, therapist, etc., a dear endeavors to be a cozy, amiable companion to their system.

A dear is also similar to a comforter or soother, however a dear aims to always assist their headmates with their warmhearted ways, rather than only during times of distress.

History[edit | edit source]

The term was coined by the Felight system in April 2023 to describe their tulpa, Calico Clove.

References[edit | edit source]