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delight (n., adj.)
Delight flag: three diagonal stripes, one dark blue, one bright blue, and another white. In the center is comprised of two rings, each fragmented into the same colors as the three stripes.
Delight flag.
Synonymsamuser, entertainer
Applies toheadmates
CoinerThe Felight system

A delight (duh·lite)[1] is a headmate whose role is to encourage their system to have fun and enjoy themselves, or they may front and participate in those activities themself. They may also entertain their headmates through humor or silliness, priding themselves in their ability to make others laugh and smile. They strive for the system’s life to be colorful, amusing, and joyful.

Term Origin[edit | edit source]

Delight is defined as “(something or someone that gives) great pleasure, satisfaction, or happiness.”[2]

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

A delight may enjoy playing games for themself and the system, making them a paichmate. They may engage in social activities as a socializer. If a delight performs fun activities on behalf of their system, they may be considered a vicarian. Being humorous for their system may make them a comedian. Additionally, they may distribute happiness like a beauheur, or aim to befriend others like a frijōn.

A delight may work as a complement to a pacific, whose role is to promote relaxing self-care.

History[edit | edit source]

The term was coined by the Felight system in April 2023 to describe their tulpa, Indigo Blue.

References[edit | edit source]