Dream Gatekeeper

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dream gatekeeper (n.)
Other formsDream Manager, Dream Overseer, Dream Controller
Applies toheadmates
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Dream Gatekeeper[edit | edit source]

A Dream Gatekeeper is a type of gatekeeper that specifically manages and organizes dreams or the memories of dreams for headmates across the system.

The management of dreams can range from simply focusing purely on memories and choosing to give or take away specific parts of dreams, or entire dreams. Or they can have total control of who fronts during dreams, the content of dreams themselves, and the processing of those dreams after waking up.

Dream gatekeepers are usually only active during when the body is sleeping, although not always the case. Dream gatekeepers can be entirely unaware of the outer world, only aware of internal happenings when the body is asleep, or very drowsy.

History[edit | edit source]

This term was coined by Chowder of Cats - July 5th 2023.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Dream gatekeepers can be related to/be dream holders, and are of course very similar to gatekeepers.

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