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dualconscious (n., adj.)
Applies tosystems, system functions
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Dualconscious is a consciousness a system can develop over time, or even have from the start of their multiplicity. The state of being dualconscious is when a system completely regresses back into the singlet state they had before they became or discovered their plurality. They will normally have none, or very few, memories of ever being plural while in this state.

This change of consciousness can be caused by a variety of things, such as:

  • Extreme questioning or denial of being plural
  • Constant fakeclaiming
  • A heavy sense of missing the state before being plural
  • A coping mechanism to escape stressful plural-oriented situations (such as rapid switching, severe blurriness or dissociation, remembering exotrauma, stressful innerworld drama, etc)

It can be a way for the mind to escape the overworking it has to do to process so many things at once.

Those who are dualconscious can find themselves bad at multitasking, handling multiple sounds/visuals/things going on at once, and tend to be monoconscious as the consciousness the headmates may share is the same. This is not always the case, but the currently known most common occurrence.

Systems can also experience being dualconcious, rather than being dualconscious, rarely regressing or only doing so once. This necessarily isn't the complete state of being dualconscious, but rather a passing experience. A full dualconscious person experiences this often or if they experience a negative situation as explained above. A fully dualconscious person will have developed a singletsona by a few months of experiencing regressing. In this case, rather than the singletsona being a mask, it is a developed part of the conscious.

It can be scary to regress back to a singlet, having the worry of losing a system, etc. Being dualconscious is a completely safe place of mind for systems. Regressing can be healthy and help the mind heal. Regressing can last a few hours to a few weeks, and the process of regressing will feel much like switching, and is never permanent.

Contrary to what is said above, being dualconscious is not always developed from negative things. Some neutral or positive ways dualconscious systems can develop is:

  • To help keep the brain stable.
  • Positive reinforcement from those their plurality is closeted from, getting compliments and/or affection towards the system in a singlet way.
  • spontaneously developing
  • Etc

The singletsona can be a replica of the core before systemhood, it can be a version of the core, or even a completely different person to what the body is or was before becoming plural.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The word "dualconscious" is derived from the word "dual" meaning 'consisting of two parts, elements, or aspects'. This complements the concept of being dualconscious well as it highlights how being dualconscious is like having two separate consciousness; system and singlet.