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ecliptive (n., adj.)
Other formsecliptrojects
Applies toheadmates, system functions

Ecliptives are members of a system who came from one original person, who then split, or "shattered", into parts.[1]

Unlike most splits, ecliptives have no lasting “original” member that the new members came from; the original member completely split into new parts, where none are older than the others, and the original member is no longer present.

Some previous traits, memories, and other aspects of the original may be shared, or sectioned off to different ecliptives.

Oftentimes, this will look like “twin” members who were originally one member and then split in half, but there can be more parts involved, and they do not have to consider themselves family.

The term can also be called ecliptrojects, if the term introject is preferred.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

An endurative is the result of a split that retains the identity of the original member.

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