Emergency Fronter

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emergency fronter (n.)
Emergency Fronter flag by Starfall System-SSS
Applies toheadmates

Emergency fronters are members of a system that front during emergency situations to take care of the system and ensure that system is safe. [2]

Emergency fronters may or may not have limited/little to no emotional capacity, empathy, or emotional vulnerability. They are usually protectors and/or caretakers of the system, though it is not necessary.

Some qualities of an emergency fronter may be (but is not limited to):

  1. Able to take front, stabilize and keep front during system imbalance
  2. Crisis managing
  3. Gatekeeping; keeping triggered and/or panicked headmates away from front
  4. Able to soothe and ground the body quickly
  5. Can resist and/or stop the harmful urges or coping mechanisms
  6. Can implement barriers if needed to buffer the harm
  7. Resistance to triggers (or lack of triggers)
  8. Resilience/lack of emotional vulnerability

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Gatekeepers may be similarly able to influence front, though they may not front themselves in crisis situation and instead select a headmate to do so.

Cassmates similarly have limited emotional capacity that allows them to calm the body or remain calm in crisis.

Overrider is a system member who is able to override the body's feelings, which could help with dealing with intense situations such as panic attacks or flashbacks.

An amnesian protector may similarly be able to shutter off memories of stressful situations.

This position may be filled by a default fronter.

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