Emmengard's Plural Rings

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emmengard's plural rings (n.)

This page is for the plural rings associated with Emmengard's origin terms. For information on the rings themselves, see Plural Rings.

The plural rings are a widely recognized plurality pride icon. This version was created by the Emmengard system, and is one of the most popular/well-known versions. The colors are not necessary — simply four interlocking rings can be used as well — but the symbolism and specificity of the colors are important.

The icon is composed of four rings creating a Venn diagram. Each of the rings represents a type of plurality, which have terms that were coined to represent them:

  • A yellow ring at the top for unknown systems.
  • A green ring on the left for adaptive systems.
  • A red ring on the right for created systems, such as parogenic systems.
  • A blue ring on the bottom for spontaneous systems.

All of the rings overlap with mixing of their colors, indicating how varied plural experiences are, and acknowledging mixed origin systems.

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