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endeltive (n., adj.)
Other formsendeljective (adj.), delusionjective (adj.)
Synonymsendelject (n.), delusiontive (n., adj.), delusionject (n.)
Applies tosourced headmates

Endeltives are introjected headmates whose source is another headmate's delusions and/or a collective delusion of the system. Endeltives occupy a unique space in type, due to their status being inherently based on something that is not true. Some headmates may be uncomfortable with this term, making them feel as though they're not real (although others may take pride in the term), and as such it should never be forced upon someone without their consent.

If their source is a fictional character, endeltives may identify as IRLs, fictionkin, fictives, or similar terms.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Endeltives are at least partially deligenic or delusionbased (similar terms such as psygenic can be applied as well). Many endeltives are delusauxi and vice-versa.