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endogenic (adj.)
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Other formsendo (n., adj.)
Applies tosystems, headmates
Coinernot-your-fucking-pet on Tumblr

Endogenic is an umbrella term that refers to all systems that are not completely traumagenic in origin, it encompasses many experiences. It is often seen as the opposite to the pathologized views of plurality, although can exist in harmony, even within the same system.


The creation of this term can be found on this Tumblr blog in mid-2014, in addition to other terms that have not picked up much steam. Beyond the original coiner's creation, it has come to mean anything not-traumagenic.

Even earlier, "natural system" was used for any system that was not caused through trauma. It referred to the "natural" development of multiplicity in some individuals, often of spontaneous or spiritual formation (as purposely created headmates like tulpas often had their own communities and weren't commonly seen).

Related Terms

It is sometimes shortened to "endo", though shortening it like this came from system exclusionists, so not every endogenic system is comfortable having it used for them.

There are many subtypes of endogenic plurality, including those of a metaphysical nature, purposely created through tulpamancy or other created systems, or existing since the beginning. Endogenic systems are often disapproved of by sysmeds.