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A flag with 6 stripes. There’s a line down the center of the stripes 2 through 5. The entire flag is in greyscale.
Other formsepectic
Applies tosystems

-epectic is a suffix describing epectic origins that symbolically or metaphorically represent the way a system was formed. Unlike -genic labels, epectic origins are not meant to be taken literally.

Epectic origins usually, but not always, are objects or concepts that are specific to a systems forming. For example: if Liam grew up in a religious household and he formed a system, he may feel as though magic or spirits symbolically represents how his system formed, but is not why his system formed. Liam may say his system is spiriepetic or magicepetic.

Epetic origins can be used independently from -genic origins, and the two aren’t inherently connected. Epetic origins can be the main way of expressing your origins! But they can never be how your system literally formed.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

This may be similar to how -based terms don't necessarily refer to why a system formed, but rather that the way it functions is influenced by a concept.

History[edit | edit source]

Epetic was made to redefine how some people (and ourselves) use genic! While there’s nothing wrong with how it’s currently used, we’ve noticed many people using -genic like how we’ve defined epetic.