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esogenic (adj.)
Flag by mogainursesoffice
Applies tosystems
CoinerEsoteric Collective

Esogenic is a system origin that is very specific to its individual system users. From the word "esoteric," esogenic means that the system's origins are either:

  • A specific origin that only the system understands
  • A specific mix of origins that only the system understands
  • The system can describe the origin, but does not yet have a name for it
  • A specific mix where the system does not know every type

A system may still continue to call themselves esogenic, if they fit the third definition, but have found/coined a name for it.

Esogenic can also be used alongside other origins (ex: praesigenic and esogenic).

Gallery[edit | edit source]

An esogenic flag was created by Tumblr user mogainursesoffice on April 21st, 2023.[1]

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