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estoritive (n., adj.)
Synonymsestoriject (n., adj.), estortive (n., adj.), estorject (n., adj.)
Applies tosourced headmates
CoinerSpruce, Val, Sarai, and June of the Pink Lemonade System

An estoritive, alternatively an estoriject, estortive, or estorject, is an exoject/exotive who comes from a fictional universe, but is not an existing character or an OC. They existed in their source's setting, but were not part of the source's story.

They could be considered a type of fuzztive, and are separate from fictives due to not being an introjected form of an existing character, and from mostives/OCtives and ouroboroi due to being originally formed as a headmate, not an original character.

An estoritive invariably comes with at least one exocanon, or a group of exomemories making up one distinct "life"/continuity, but they may also have more than one.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The term comes from Old French estorie, meaning "a history, story, or tale",[2] along with the suffix -tive, for a term applying to outsourced members.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

An NC (non-canon) introject is an introject that does not appear in their source directly, or is unrecorded or unnamed, and may be directly implied to exist or not implied at all. Some estoritives may consider themselves to be a type of NC introject, but the terms are not identical, due to estoritives specifically not playing any part in their source's storyline (if one even exists).

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