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evocaject (n.)
Applies tosourced headmates

An evocaject is an introject who joined a system after being "called upon" in some way. This term may describe a number of scenarios, for example:

  • An introject who's identity is passively influenced by the system's or fronter's thought processes while forming. During a stressful or traumatic situation, a headmate may pretend to be someone else, wish they were someone else, or wish someone would come to save them. Then, while splitting, the mind introjects that person to help out.
  • A spiribond that was specifically called upon to help out the system with a temporary or long-term purpose, for example as a part of spiritual practice.

Both of these definitions might refer to and be interpretations of the same phenomenon from different viewpoints.

This term is not meant to describe parogenic headmates being intentionally created, but rather a subconscious process that results in an introject, or a walk-in.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Evocajects may be considered intentives.

An amorform, or a headmate split based on a system member's yearning, could be considered a type of evocaject.