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executioner (n., adj.)
Applies toheadmates
CoinerDödstöld Package

An executioner is a headmate who tends to be a bit aggressive or off-putting to others; who feels the need to interject themselves into arguments outside of the headspace.

They don't try to calm the argument down or come to a compromise, instead, they assert themselves into it and say their thoughts before potentially backing out.

However, if the outside person they're arguing with continues arguing as well, they may likely stay in front to continue arguing back.

Often, they are inserting themselves into the arguments because they felt personally attacked in some way and the argument or person upset them in some way.

Their goal is not to protect themselves or anyone else in the system, but to try to have their feelings and opinions on the matter heard.

This can, but doesn't have to include headmates who may sometimes purposely and personally mess up relationships outside of headspace that they deem "not important", "not worthwhile” or they believe is somehow harmful to them and maybe even the whole system. Even if other system members don't agree that this is the case.