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exocanon (n.)
SynonymsExocorporeal Canon (n.)
Applies tosystem functions
CoinerPossibly coined by Irene-Godhead of Melkuun (NGC Collective), but possibly in circulation beforehand.

An exocanon is a discrete group of exomemories that an exoject or introtive has, forming a single “life” (however that is defined) or continuity. A person may have multiple exocanons, and this term is freely usable by plurals, kin, godshards/godlets, or anyone with exomemories/exocorporeal memories/noncorporeal memories. [1]

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Exocanons are an inherent part of being an exoject, and very common, though not universal, in introjects. They are made up of individual exomemories, and can range from just one or two memories to limitless memories.

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