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exoject (n.)
Synonymsexotive (Lúnaše-enni of Laniakea in the Legendarium; same body as Irene-Godhead of Melkuun)
Applies toheadmates
CoinerIrene-Godhead of Melkuun (NGC Collective)

An exoject, or exotive, is any system member with exomemories (exocorporeal memories), regardless of origin, introtive/non-introtive, or introject/non-introject status. This does not by default include memories that take place inworld, inside headspaces, but can be used for that purpose if those memories, or the innerworld(s) in question, are considered distant enough to the system member in question.[1]

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Introtives are very often, but not always, exotives as well.

Introject heavily overlaps, but does not include, nor is included by completely, the term exoject.

A demi-exoject is, depending on definition, either a type of exoject or a closely related term, referring to exojects and exoject-adjacent headmates who have little memories, or are disconnected from those memories.

Exojects always have at least one exocanon, but may have multiple.

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