Exposure Therapist

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exposure "therapist" (n.)
Other formsexposurist (n.)
Applies toheadmates
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An exposure therapist is a headmate who formed to help another headmate overcome their trauma and/or exotrauma[1] by repeatedly exposing them to things that trigger them. This can be done by actively putting in the effort to trigger them, such as reminding them of their trauma, mocking them for it, putting them in situations that will trigger them, and more; or, by them simply existing. This goes for when the exposurist is an introject of the abuser (or someone who is directly connected to a headmate's trauma), or is similar enough to the source to remind the headmate of the trauma. An exposurist can be both active and passive.

The term therapist is used loosely because, by a rule of thumb, an exposurist's methods of helping are highly questionable. The name for the term derives from exposure therapy.

Headmates with this role do not necessarily have to be a persecutor or be malicious, but considering the nature of the role, that is usually the case. They may have a distorted version of reality and see themselves as a savior, or know that what they are doing potentially harms the headmate, but still continue doing it, or manipulate others into thinking otherwise. They can also be a passive exposurist, which means they just exist, and their existence alone is triggering enough.

This term is intended only for headmates whose role is to hopefully help other headmates get over trauma by exposure. Please use it carefully.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Exposurits are often persecutors or malicitors, but they do not have to be. They can have good intentions, misguided ones, or harmful intentions. Reminder that the term malicitor is to be used extremely carefully and only for self-identification.

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