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fenigenic (adj.)
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Other formsPhenigenic, Phoenigenic
Applies tosystems
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Fenigenic, also known as Phenigenic or Phoenigenic, is a system origin that describes those who formed from past-lives; a past-lives system origin.

They may believe they left their past life and were reborn again as a system, came into the system from a past life into the body (causing plurality), were a system in a past life and was reborn again with the same one, and various other scenarios. An intentionally broad label that may describe many different experiences.[1]

Comes from the term phoenixal: “A term that describes alterhumans (and others who feel this label fits them) with a particular kind of past life, believing that they died or otherwise left their past life, and were born again into this one. They may additionally believe that this process has happened many times before, and will continue in the future.” Note that you do not need to use phoenixal separately in order to identify with fenigenic.[2]

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Fenitive is a term that describes a headmate or alter who is phoenixal.[3]

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