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Fictobased is a term that has two definitions:

fictobased (adj.)
Applies tosystems, system functions
Coiner1. pawkips 2. Anonymous

1. Fictobased refers to a system that is based in fictophilia, or otherwise a sexual attraction/strong feelings or desire for fictional characters for those who dislike the association with their attraction being a -phillia. This means that the system is affected by fictophilia or strong desire for fictional characters in some way, with it being able to affect innerworld, headmate roles, functions, or headmates themselves, but isn’t necessarily an origin.

2. A system that is based in fiction or fictional works. This means that it affects the way the system exists in someway, with it being able to affect the innerworld, functions, headmate roles, and/or headmates, but it isn’t necessarily an origin. Ficto- can be replaced by any fictional media or franchise.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Fictobased uses the -based suffix. Its first definition may be similar to philiatien if the user considers their attraction to fictional characters as a -phillia.