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fictopiria (n., adj.)
SynonymsHomesickness, Nostalgia (in some cases)
Applies tosourced headmates

Fictopiria is a word that describes the specific feeling Fictives may get when rewatching or thinking of their source. It's similar to homesickness, but exclusively for places that are fictional in this world.

It's similar to generic homesickness as it is a yearning to return to home, missing a place or missing people. It's connected to feelings of nostalgia as well, as one may yearn for a past, objects and locations and engage in content from the source in a way that singlets may consider simple nostalgia.

The word fictopiria, and it's adjective counterpart fictopiric, is comprised of three parts.

Ficto- from the English word Fiction meaning “invented, as opposed to real; fictional”

-opiri-, from the Esperanto word Sopiri, meaning “to long for, yearn for”

-ic/-ia, from the English words Nostalgic/Nostalgia, meaning “a bittersweet yearning for the things of the past.”.

The word can be used exactly the same in sentences as nostalgia/nostalgic would be used.