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forcing (n.)
Other formsforce
Synonymstulpaforcing, active forcing, passive forcing, self-forcing

Forcing is a tulpamancy term that refers to actions that create and/or develop a tulpa. According to, "The act of focusing on and developing a tulpa’s presence or strength by devoting specific attention to them, or otherwise interacting with them."[1] Systems that do not identify with the tulpa label may also use this term if they so choose, and a tulpa could perform forcing on their original as well.

Forcing, whether active or passive, can take many forms; the important component is keeping focus/intent on the tulpa and their development.

Active Forcing[edit | edit source] defines active forcing as "dedicating time and attention solely to a tulpa, commonly during meditation." For example, A tulpamancer may active force by interacting with their tulpa in their wonderland, or by meditating while focusing on their tulpa's presence and personality.

Passive Forcing[edit | edit source] defines passive forcing as "allotting attention to the tulpa while also doing something else, instead of solely focusing on the procedure of forcing." For example, a tulpamancer may do this by talking to their tulpa while doing daily chores, or visualize them as they go about their day.

Self-Forcing[edit | edit source]

Self-forcing is any act of forcing that one employs on themself, such as to aid in their own strength, development, presence, or to assist in grounding themself in their body and reality. This term typically refers to a tulpa forcing themself, however anyone can self-force if they choose.

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