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fragment (n., v., adj.)
Synonymsunelaborated part (n.), shard
Applies toheadmates
OriginPsychiatric term

A fragment is any headmate that usually does not possess full autonomy, sapience, or identity.

Fragments may come and go before fusing or growing in complexity. They may perform very specific roles, have little emotional range, or hold fractures of memory.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Many traumagenic systems have multiple trauma holding fragments that later fuse together or into more established headmates. Headmates that are in the process of forming can be referred to as fragments too.

In the case of systems as a whole, "fragmented" or "fragmentation" (often paired with "psyche" or "sense of self") refers to traumagenic splitting.

The term polyfragmented comes from this term, and relates to both the number of system members and the amount of fragments, specifically.

Function fragments are fragments that hold a specific task or job in a system, being generally very effective at accomplishing said job, but unwilling or even unable to think or work outside of their specific purpose. With time, however, they may become demi-members or even full members of the system.

Servitors may in some cases and communities be referred to or conceptualized as parogenic or willogenic fragments.