Front Gacha

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front gacha (n.)
Five striped front gacha flag with different shades of blue-green with gachapon balls and a crank in the middle
Applies tosystem functions
CoinerShirō of TsukihiTatsu

Front gacha is a term for a specific way a system does switching when a headmate is made to front. Instead of picking who fronts, the system only picks when to try for a new fronter. The outcome being random like getting a random prize from a gachapon machine.

This may include getting a 'duplicate' so the fronter stays the same after the attempt, or multiple fronters are picked at once, but it depends on the system.

For some systems this might be unlimited attempts, or limited to a few per day, like they ran out of coins.

Who in the system is able to attempt a gacha may be different depending as well. Some systems it may be the fronter(s) while others it could be anyone or only specific members.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Front roulette describes how the next fronter may be chosen randomly. Front roulette and front gacha may to create fully randomized switches.

History[edit | edit source]

This was coined by Shirō who designed a gender [gachaponic] on this premise to explain dei's experiences with genderfluidity and when shared got a response of someone connecting to how it was similar to how their system worked in the past. So in case anyone else might relate and like an easy word to describe that sort of experience dei worked on making this system version with its own flag.