Front Rotation

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Front Rotation

front rotation (n., adj.)
Applies tosystems, system functions
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Front Rotation is when there is a change in frequent fronters[1] to a new set of frequent fronters. It is a Rotation of new Fronters.

This term is a function that applies to systems both Cytien and any system in general where a rotation occurs.

What makes this different from Cytien is that unlike Cytien this situation happens seemingly independently of any cause however it can still be caused by new members, as well as this being the term for the act of Common fronters changing.

This can happen on a weekly-monthly basis (in some cases longer). There isn't a time limit or even any set rules. This does not need to happen in groups, nor does it need to happen often.

This is a simple way of saying that there was a change in the common fronters of any system.

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This term was created both as an adjective to describe the change in fronters, and as an alternative to the term Cytien.


This term can be considered both a subclass and a variation of Cytien as this term is extremely similar the only real difference being it's cause.

This term can also be used by systems who are not cytien to describe their common fronters or specifically the change of common fronters as this is both a noun and an adjective.