Front Sickness

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front sickness (n.)
Other formsfronting sickness
Applies toheadmates, system functions
Originanonymously coined

Front sickness is a phenomenon where a fronter gets sick after fronting for a long/extended period of time. The symptoms of fronting sickness vary from system to system, but it can include being disoriented, tired, nauseated or having worse headaches than normal. Not all system members may be affected by fronting sickness, and the time needed for fronting sickness to occur varied from person-to-person, system-to-system.[1]

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Frontsick headmates feel sick when fronting in general.

Headmates that experience front sickness may be come switch-eager, or vice versa, and may also experience front feedback.

Front sickness may or may not affect a system's host.

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