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front (v.)
Other formsfronter (n.)
Synonymsout (adj.), executive (n.)[1]
Applies toheadmates (fronter), system functions (front)

Fronting is an activity performed by one or more headmates, where they take control of the body and handle daily activities and communication. This can often include allowing other headmates to speak via internal communication.

In some cases, it's possible for no one to be fronting, in which case some type of default behavior takes over the body. This can surface in multiple ways, such as becoming unresponsive.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

  • Switching is when the current fronter(s) changes.
  • Co-fronting is when two or more headmates are fronting.
  • Frontstuck is when one or more headmates are unable to stop fronting or switch to another headmate.
  • Front-Sticky is when a headmate is continuously drawn to front, no matter how many times they leave.
  • Front-Repelled is when a headmate dislikes fronting, or is unable to front without much effort.
  • Fronting room refers to a dedicated space in headspace that members of the system visit in order to front.