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fuzztive (n.)
Applies tosourced headmates

A fuzztive is someone who is partially, somewhat, or almost a fictive, but fictive doesn't seem ‘quite right’ or ‘entirely accurate’.[1]

The term is when someone is between or partially fictive and something else (the something else may or may not be defined, personal choice).

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Fogtive is the factive counterpart of a fuzztive.

Altive refers to meaningfully (whatever "meaningfully" means for the headmate in question) "AU"/alternate universe introjects/introtives.

Post-Fictive is a word for a headmate that previously held a fictive identity but no longer considers themselves to be that same person.

Fictive-flux is a term for a headmate that only sometimes identifies as a fictive. Blurrflux is a word for a fuzztive or fogtive that switches between identities.

Quoisourced refers to a headmate that is unsure if they have a source or feels that the binary of sourced and sourceless doesn't fit them.

Factional can refer to a headmate who is a fictional character in this universe, identifies as a fictional character but doesn't consider themselves fictional, identifies as a fictional character but doesn't connect much to their source self, or a member who is in some other way spiritually connected to a character.

Fictionkin are otherkin who either identify as species from fictional media or as characters from fictional media.

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