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gardentender (n.)
Other formsGardentend (v.), Gardener (n.)
Applies toheadmates, system functions
CoinerIrene-Godhead of Melkuun, NGC Collective

A gardentender, or alternatively a gardener, is a system member role or job defined by tending to, protecting, maintaining, and/or keeping/holding information about a given headspace, layer (including exolayers, metalayers, cosmoses, or alarachs), or gateway.

This term may be adjacent to architect and gatekeeper, but is not strictly definable as either. Gardentenders are associated with the maintenance of a certain layer/layers, exolayer/exolayers, metalayer/metalayers, cosmos/cosmoses, headspace/headspaces, or gateway/gateways, rather than necessarily the creation of new places or headspaces, though they can be involved in that as well. They do not necessarily know everything about the innerworld as a whole, just large amounts of information about their specific area of purview.

They also may protect innerworlds and their residents from external (such as spiritual, like potentially harmful potential introjections), internal (such as persecutors attempting to harm the system or members of it), or natural (such as narrative events, natural disasters, and unwanted changes) threats. [1]

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Gatekeepers and innkeepers may be related to gardentenders as semi-similar roles, and these roles may overlap.

Gardentenders may in some cases be artisans, but they don't have to be.

As a role, gardentenders are inherently linked to the existences of headspaces, and may gardentend any variety of headspace, innerworld, layer, exolayer, metalayer, cosmos, alarach, or gateway.

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